Since the beginning, more than 40 years ago, Gruppo Itexa has proved to be an innovative and never predictable company, a prerogative that always distinguished itself and will always distinguish our work, to provide our customers with the advantage of always new and highly personalized.

Birth of the company

The business started up as transformers of abrasive non-woven fabric purchased on the market and converted into radial wheels, first in the Italian market.


Expansion of production

The transformation activity of purchased abrasive products develops, leading the company to improve two processing departments and create new production lines.


Indipendent production

The company invests in the autonomous production of the abrasive non-woven tissue-non tissue fibre to be transformed, implementing two production lines that guaranteed its total independence.


new production line

Acquisition of a new non-woven fabric production line, with which Gruppo Itexa is able to produce any type of abrasive fiber used in the industrial sector.


the largest production line in Europe is installed

What is still today the largest production line in Europe of non-woven abrasive fabric, 90 meters long and 6 meters high, is acquired and installed.


Consumer Line

The plant for the production of abrasive fiber for the domestic sector is installed and started (abrasive fiber for sponges, professional cleaning of dishes and domestic environments).


Product lines expand

The range of products offered expands with the creation of the so called “special lines”, intended for the automotive sector and for use in manual processing.


Company restructure

Gruppo Itexa left all transformation of abrasive fiber to devote itself exclusively to the production of rolls.

m2 of fiber per year
annual increase in production
m2 of production area
days lead time for 90% of orders

The best solution in the abrasive world.

Our product range includes a wide selection of abrasive fibers in non-woven tissue-non tissue fiber, for industrial and domestic sectors, supplied in rolls or sheets, intended for transformation into articles for processing, finishing and cleaning surfaces.

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Company Mission.

Transforming our ideas into products functional to the needs that our customers show to us, in order to improve and optimize their work performance, for savings in terms of time and resources. An objective that is based on a constant and tireless research and development activity, aimed at designing, creating and testing new items, or improving even more those already in place.

For the Environment.

Our research and development activity is carried out with a view to increasingly attentive to eco-sustainability, studying materials and work process that are able to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, because today’s world teaches us that the protection of health, ours and of the planet we live in, is fundamental and essential.



The result of three years of research, with the collaboration of external figures of high professional level, Jecostone system is a completely innovative process of manufacturing denim fabric, which eliminates the negative effects deriving from the use of traditional abrasives, economically advantageous and highly eco-friendly.

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